MozFest 2012!

This November we flew to London for the Mozilla Festival, a gathering of over 1,000 passionate people that came together “to push the frontiers of the open web, learn together, and make things that can change the world.” Sounds about right!


For Mozilla Festival, Codery built the world’s first, and therefore largest, smallest, and best, digital badge bingo game. Badge Bingo is an interactive game where Festival attendees used digital badges they earned to connect 5 in a row! Digital badges recognize and connect skills and achievements that happen anytime and anywhere. Digital badges are the foundation of a growing global phenomenon that supports individuals to get recognition for skills and achievements online and out of school. You can learn more and earn your first badge at

256 badges were played including Mozilla’s very first Webmaker badges and a “You Rock! Badge” we built that uses Moo’s NFC (Near Field Communications) cards and can be earned by making a positive impact on someone. In two days, 99 unique badges were played many of which were built as the game was played.

We built Badge Bingo so that a lot of people could easily use and learn about digital badges during a large-scale event. Next week, we’ll dive further into the data the game created to learn how people used badges and what types of badges were created. Following that, Kerri Lemoie, our Chief Web Technologist, will share a blog about how we built Badge Bingo»APIs, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON files and more!


We were fortunate to bring our incredible photographer (and Damian’s amazing wife!). Here’s a slideshow. Check her out at



Today, we send a shout out to just a few of the many, amazing people we met this year. Before the festival began we ran into and went out with Brewster Kahle, founder of who was in town for a meeting of the top open web minds that were gathering to lay out a 10-year strategy to protect the open and free nature of the web. Brewster had a pretty radical idea to share with the group which I am calling the unwebsite. Interested? Yeah, us too. Drop us a line as we’ll be looking to find ways to support the strategy.


Shout out to Mozilla Representative Sayak Sarkar who made a MozReps badge for BadgeBingo during MozFest and also to our unofficial but highly qualified badge Bingo Quality Assurance team Bebef and Jorn Hees. We enjoyed a beer with one of the guys involved with the school Hyper Island, enjoyed a fireside chat with Mark Surman, and were wowed by the amazing facilitation of MozFest by Allen Gunn.


It was a real pleasure to interact with the amazing Mozilla Open Badges team (which in true Mozilla form included a karaoke rendition of some Bon Jovi classics>Video upon request!). Their whole team was inspiring and rocked beautifully bedazzled, “Human API” lab coats the whole conference.  Thank you to Sunny, Emily, Brian, Mike, Carla, Doug, and Chris “Get the F&*! Out” McAvoy.

More soon!

Damian and Kerri